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Prospective Candidates

Clients of Peachtree Search Group include healthcare information technology companies, medical device firms, and healthcare providers, and we are especially interested in learning about your background if it is in one of these arenas.

Information shared by individual candidates with Peachtree Search Group (including a resume/CV, other background information, and interests going forward) will be kept confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside of our firm without the express consent and authorization of the individual candidate.  While we may well not have current opportunities for which your background and skills are a strong “fit”, we will keep your information on file and notify you if/when an opportunity does emerge which seems to have potential.

Please feel free to forward your resume/CV as an email attachment (address follows). In addition, a note or cover letter would be advantageous, as this will enable us to have a more complete and searchable (although abbreviated) “profile” readily available if/when a suitable opportunity emerges on behalf of one of our clients. As an alternative to a note or cover letter, completing the information below (a brief online form follows) will serve the same purpose.

Email: chrism [at]

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