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Our Process

A successful search – identifying and hiring an exceptional candidate in a process culminating in a shared conviction on behalf of all parties that it is “the right fit”, with genuine collective enthusiasm about moving forward – is accomplished in large part by building a strong initial foundation for the search process; executing a successful search and identifying exceptional candidates; and facilitating appropriate, regular communication throughout the process beyond the selected candidate’s hire date.

In brief summary, Peachtree Search Group’s approach includes a short list of strategically critical, foundational processes:

  • We develop a strong understanding not only of your specific position/opportunity and your criteria for candidate selection, but also of your company and the culture or your organization. Once we feel that we fully understand our client’s specific opportunity, have an appreciation for the organization’s culture, and are ready to share this story with highly qualified candidates, we move forward with our search process. We will normally have follow-up conversations with the hiring manager to clarify and/or refine our approach during the process.

  • We employ a multifaceted approach in identifying potential candidates, including our database, direct recruiting methods, and extensive industry contacts.

  • When we have identified and thoroughly evaluated qualified candidate(s), we notify our client and arrange time for presentation of the candidate(s) (including the individuals’ resume/CV, and the search consultant’s impressions of candidates’ potential fit for the opportunity and the organization).

  • Peachtree SG maintains regular communication with both candidate and client throughout the search process to facilitate a thorough, efficient evaluation process on behalf of both parties. An integral part of this process is managing expectations so that there are no “surprises” leading up to a successful hire. We also conduct client and candidate debriefings following each interview or meeting.

  • After our client has conducted a thorough evaluation of a candidate and makes the decision to extend an offer, we will actively consult with both parties to help ensure a successful offer and acceptance. Prior to extending the offer, depending on our client’s preference, Peachtree SG is available to conduct candidate reference checks.

  • Peachtree SG will maintain active communication with our client and our new hire during the initial period of employment to help ensure a successful transition.